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Our professional expertise and reputation has been gained from implementing, managing and operating a portfolio of high profile waste minimisation and diversion, recycling schemes for the collection and recovery of recyclable materials from domestic and commercial waste streams.

We have a 20 plus year track record of operating sustainable and successful recycling and waste minimisation collection and recovery schemes in the public and private sectors.

We primarily operate in Central and South East England, covering Dorset, Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex, Surrey and the Greater and Inner London areas.

To provide our clients with the best possible assurance of customer care and quality services the company achieved BS:EN ISO9001 Quality Assurance and Accreditation in 2004. We are regularly audited and checked to ensure we continue to comply with the highest standard of customer care and service.
Our experience and abilities cover the implementation, development and operation of:

Waste & Recycled Glass Collections from all types of Trade & Commercial Premises.
High profile Kerbside & Household Recycling Collection and Waste Minimisation schemes operated for and in partnership with Local Authorities and Councils.
Modular Recycling Banks for Paper, Glass and Can Collection Recovery Systems.
Transfer Stations for Reception, Sorting and End User out take of Recyclables.
We also operate in the Facilities Management and Public Utilities Sector.

All the above for Local Authorities – Councils, Private Clients and Material Reprocessing