Trade Waste – Recycled Glass Collections
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SAVE MONEY – Don’t let your glass go to waste
Has the cost of your trade waste collection & disposal increased in the last two years?

Do you have to dispose of mixed glass bottles in with your general trade waste?

Trade & Commercial Waste collection and disposal charges will continue to increase above normal for at least the next five years due to the increasing ‘Landfill Allowance Tax’ – ‘L.A.T.S’, Waste Handling and Disposal costs due to reduced landfill capacity.

There is the future possibility that Waste Management and Disposal organisations will implement ‘pay by weight – pay by throw’ charging for Trade & Commercial Waste.

Joining our very popular Commercial and Waste Glass Collection and Glass Recycling scheme COULD SAVE YOU MONEY by reducing your general trade waste.

Diverting and separating mixed glass out of your trade waste could reduce the overall cost and amount you spend on your general trade waste collection and disposal.

How is that?
Trade Waste collection and disposal companies do not want heavy glass mixed in with general trade waste. They have to try to out sort the glass, if not it has to be landfilled. In turn those costs are passed back to you in the form of increased waste collection and disposal charges.

Is there a charge for our mixed glass collection service?
Yes. However if you separate out your mixed glass bottles and containers into our wheeled bins (supplied free) you may be able to reduce the frequency of trade waste collection and the number of trade waste bins. Thus you could pay less overall by reducing your trade waste collection and disposal charges.

At the same time you could be progressing your business to be more environmentally friendly and responsible by Recycling more of your Waste Glass for re-use.

The glass can be sold so why can’t we have a ‘free’ mixed glass collection and recycling service?
There is a minimal ‘open market value’ for the glass collected. We receive a very small handling fee, which only covers the cost of local temporary storage and transfer of the bulk glass.

Reasonable by comparison, our collection charge includes free delivery and supply of wheeled bins, most are 240 litre bins, special purpose collection vehicles, wages, fuel, administration etc.

Why I am paying to recycle?
There should be an overall cost benefit to your business by reducing the volume and thus the cost of your general Trade & Commercial Waste Disposal charges.

Since 2004 thousands of businesses premises especially the licensed, hospitality and leisure trade have signed into our scheme and have noticed the benefit.

There is also an important environmental and waste minimisation benefit:

Reducing the amount of virgin materials and minerals extracted from the ground.
Re-using Recycled Glass reduces energy consumption co2 and carbon greenhouse gas emissions in the process of smelting down of less virgin raw materials to make new glass bottles and jars.
Recycled Mixed Glass requires much less energy to re-process into new bottle glass. This ‘closed loop’ process can be repeated many times. Just one wheeled 240 litre bin can hold up to 80 kilograms of waste mixed glass bottles.